Monday, 19 October 2009

QT Drinking Game

All at MCARF are deeply disappointed that the BBC has misinterpreted its brief to provide balanced coverage of political parties in election campaigns, to mean that they have to give openly racist parties, such as the BNP, a seat on Question Time. Barring success for Peter Hain’s belated attempt to stop the invite, or a strike by technicians, it looks as though the broadcast is going to go ahead. Some people are suggesting an armchair boycott of the program, to show mass disgust at the BBC for creating a media spectacle by inviting a holocaust denier to spread lies on nationwide TV. Personally I will be sitting back and getting ready to note down every comment he makes. Then the facts he claims to be talking about can be checked and his myth making blown out of the water. Should he use inflammatory language at any point I will be sending a complaint to a number of institutions, contacts below. So join me sit back with a supply of drink and award yourself the following penalties for each occurrence of the following.

1. Griffin is unable to talk due to excessive audience booing = Drink 2 fingers width of beer (or wine)

2. Random audience member shouts out fascist, and it makes the final cut = Shot of spirits

3. Griffin refers to panel members Bonnie Greer and Baroness Warsai as

immigrants or not ethnically British = 3 fingers of Beer

4. Griffin mentions Black Police Association in justification at BNP’s racist

membership criteria = Shot of spirits

5. Claim that “White’s only” policy has nothing to do with race but is simply

protection of ethnic Britons = 2 Fingers of beer

6. Claim that majority of racist attacks are carried against white people = 2 shots of spirits

7. Griffin claims there is a conspiracy against BNP by the liberal/Marxist elites

especially in the media = 4 fingers of beer

8. Angry technicians disrupt the broadcast for a minute or more = Finish whole drink

9. Griffin makes claim that anti-fascists routinely use violence against his party,

who are always the victim of crime = shot of spirits

10. Use of BNP’s favoured euphemism ‘Voluntary repatriation’ instead the more commonly used term ‘Ethnic cleansing’ = 4 fingers of beer

11. Griffin squirms and looks uncomfortable as Dimmbelby reads out verbatim

quote relating to ‘well directed boots and fists…’; ‘orthodox opinion once holding that

the earth was flat…’; ‘huge influence of a certain ethnic minority over the media….’ or

‘non-whites have no place here at all…’ = 2 Shots of spirits

12. Griffin makes outrageous claim which he says is backed up by statistics, the rest of the

panel or Dimmbelby fail to challenge him on his assertion = 3 fingers of beer

13. Griffin claims he doesn’t want to see Britain ruled from Brussels, despite the fact

that his own party is. = 4 fingers of beer

14. Griffin claims that attempt to stop his appearance on QT were an attack British

Freedom of Speech = Shot of Spirits

15. Poorly aimed egg is thrown from the audience, Griffin ducks and the egg

splatters on Jack Straw's face. = Finish current drink

16.Mash up of Griffins statements put over Downfall Hitler clip appears on

Youtube the next morning = 1 hair of dog

If you’re still sober enough at the end of all that watch the extended footage on the website. Remember to note down every instance of him using racist or inflammatory language. The BBC will realise its error and never invite this neo-nazi onto its show again.

Once you have compiled your list of Griffin gaffes follow the BBC complaints procedure here

Phone them through on: 03700 100 222 or write to: BBC Complaints, PO Box 1922 Glasgow.G2 3WT

Please also send your complaints to Ofcom

You can telephone them 9am -5pm 020 7981 3040 or 0300 123 3333.

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