Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Freedom of Speech Part 2: EDL are outed

Yesterday this blog reported on the underhand and intimidatory tactics that the BNP resort to in order to prevent the truth about their organisation being revealed in local newspapers. They threatened to boycott small businesses and inundated them with harrasing phone calls demanding that they stop their sponsorship of the South East paper the news shopper which had published an article about the failure of BNP councillor represent his electorate.

Tonight it has been revealed that the BNPs far-right allies the EDL are prepared to go one step further and have launched a campaign of death threats against an anti-fascist activist.

Sky news has broadcast that campaigner Julie Keller has been targetted with death threats after the EDL wrongly accused her of disrupting the two minutes silence they held in Manchester on Saturday. EDL supporters set up a facebook group listing her personal details including her phone number and address. Police have been forced to project Ms Keller because of the very serious threat to her saftey.

The EDL Facebook group threatens Ms Keller

This is further proof that depsite the calls for freedom of speech on the extremist-right they are quick to use intimidation and threats of violence to prevent any criticism of themselves. It also shows that the EDL, who have claimed that their sole aim is to prevent the rise of Islamic extremism, are violent and authoritarian. Many of us already knew this when they rampaged through Luton this summer smashing up Asian owned businesses and homes, and later caused a riot in Luton, leading to 90 arrests for violence.

It seems that the extremist-right, which includes both the BNP and EDL, are only interested in their own right to hold a placard demanding "No More Mosques" or to offer Hitler salutes, as these shots from Saturday's demo show.

EDL Manchester 10th Oct 2009

When it comes to the rest of society intimidation and threats are the language that fascists fall back on. They have no love of freedom, they only want to forward their own message and will go to any length to ensure this happens.

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