Sunday, 18 October 2009

Ooops they did it again

Despite their attempt to prove that they are not neo-nazis, the group of defence leagues which have recently sprung up seem to let their actions to the talking. This time it the Welsh branch of the EDL ,who call themselves the WDL.

WDL - Actions speak louder than words

It begs the question, how hard can it be not to do a Nazi salute? Allow one to slip through the net and it is possible to claim it as an isolated incident, but last week in Manchester and at yesterday's Swansea rally these guys have shown their true colours, simply by their inability to keep their arms by their sides. Clearly the cameras can not be on them at all times and I can only imagine that there are many more incidences like this. Actions like the burning of the Swastika in front of TV cameras look increasingly hollow. Mind you does the fact that it was carried out by 10 men who wore masks, not because they want to intimidate people but because they are fear retribution, not give their lie away?

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