Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Freedom of Speech? As long as that doesn’t mean criticising the BNP


Whether it is demanding an equal footing on Question Time or that a rally, which is likely to aggravate racial tensions and lead to violence goes ahead, people on the far-right are always emphasising their right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is one of the most precious rights that a society can offer its population. And whilst the BBC have no legal obligation, despite what they might claim, to air the disgusting and racist views of Nick Griffin, he and his party have the right to express their vile viewpoint. Nobody seeks to deny them this right, campaigns against them involve distributing literature showing the real BNP, which is racist and frequently features poorly disguised admiration for neo-nazism, and organising groups of people to counter demonstrate against them. The BNP on the other hand seek to have it both ways, they demand that their viewpoint is heard, but then encourage intimidation of media, companies and individuals who criticise them for their immoral views.

In late September the London local paper ‘News Shopper’ published a residents damming verdict on their recently elected councillor in Sevenoakes, Paul Golding (pictured).  They claimed that residents said Golding had done nothing for the area, he had not joined any council committees and kept silent at council meetings.  They also mentioned that Golding had published a video in which he tried to cover up the membership of the BNP of Helen Forrester who had been convicted of racist violence. 

goldingUseless liar Paul Golding 

In response to what they see as an unfair attack, despite all the facts being verifiable, the BNP sent an e-mail to their on-line contacts list demanding that they fight back.  In this e-mail they asked:

“Do you want to help the BNP fight back against media lies? If so, then we are calling on you and all our online supporters, numbered at over 40,000 at present, to complain to the advertisers of the lying gutter rag News Shopper. If enough people do this, then they will be cowed into dropping any future attempts to smear our Party”

The e-mail went on to give contact details for three small scale companies who advertised with the News Shopper.  It also admits to a similar campaign being run against the Manchester Evening News in the run up to the 2009 European election.  This amounts to an official attempt by the BNP to prevent the free operation of press in Britain and to stop criticism of the party at a local level.  They actually use the word cowe to describe the intimidation they intend to bring to media outlets and organisations who actively oppose them.

The News Shopper has today followed up the story and reports that all three of the listed advertisers have been inundated with calls threatening to boycott them.  In spite of the economic downturn the party, which time and again has shown that it does not care for the concerns of ordinary Britons, is trying to damage the reputation and threaten the survival of British businesses. This shows that that despite their claim to be sticking up for free speech, the BNP care for nobodies rights but their own.

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