Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Launch of inspirational Anti-Fascist book

Last night saw the launch of ,Liverpool historian, Frank McDonough's new biography of Sophie Scholl at the city's Hope Street hotel.

At an emotional event to mark Sophie's, execution by the Nazi regime, invitees first heard German historian and anti-fascist Jacob Knab introduce the book and the cause of anti-nazism. He then went on to urge Frank to write a full history of the White Rose movement with the words
"Today it is my only wish and desire: Dear Dr McDonough, why dont you write a complete and comprehensive story of the White Rose? People here in Great Britain ought to know about Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, Christoph Probst, WIlli Graf, Alexander Schomorell and about Professor Kurt Huber."

One of Frank's level 2 history students then read a selection of Sophie's letters and leaflets, before Frank gave a speach in which he spoke of fighting fascism and defending freedom. Frank paid tribute to dr Knab who led a campaign in Germany to have army barracks which were named after prominant third reich members renamed. Jacob Knab wrote over 4000 letters in his campaign and often recieved abuse from neo-nazis as he tried to ensure that the nazi hagiography was destroyed.

Guests were then entertained by "Paul" and "John" of the Backbeat Beatles who performed an emotional rendition of Yesterday and Hey Jude.

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