Wednesday, 2 September 2009

BNP Truth-benders.

When 12,000 names on the BNP contact list were leaked onto the internet in 2008, the party took no time to blame the leak on “leftists” in numerous pieces of propaganda. The party’s chairman Nick Griffin took also called in the police and investigations ensued. It soon came to light that the leak of the notoriously out of date list was not caused by BNP opponents at all. Rather it was leaked by disgruntled fascists who disagreed with their demagogue leader, Nick Griffin. Mathew Single and his wife Sadie Graham-Single were charged under the data protection and appeared in court this week. The two former members of the Fascist organisation rapidly split from the party. This week Mr Single was found guilty of the leak and fined £200, whilst his wife was acquitted.

The BNP’s handling of the leak shows that their propaganda seizes on what might be bad news stories and twists them to promote a culture of victimisation. Aside from the regular outright falsities which emanate from the BNP website this is a clever variety of propaganda which we should all be aware of. Recently BNP London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook has faced charges and suspension from the organisation because he falsely produced a youtube video claiming that White Londoners had been stabbed to death by Black and Asian youths. The claims were completely untrue and Barnbrook has attempted to avoid his fate by feigning illness. Last month Lancaster Unity published a story which showed that BNP had published outright lies about an Asian shopkeeper banning a woman from his store simply because her son was a soldier. This type of propaganda is differs because it takes actual events and uses them to create a portrayal in, which the BNP are made to look like victims or to attack the establishment with claims of a witch-hunt. Very often in such cases the BNP are found to have made much of the story up, but one thing is for sure – They are not to be trusted.

Nazi Salutes

Long time BNP member, John Jones, pleaded guilty this week of making a Nazi salute at protesters at the BNP’s ill-fated Red White and Blue festival in Condor, Derbyshire. Saville Davies, 25 and an un-named 17 year old youth were also charged but have pleaded not guilty. Jones was fined £71, with £60 costs and a £15 Government surcharge, the other two will appear in court in December. This incident shows, yet again, that the BNP have not changed. New and Old members alike remain racist to core. They have always been a neo-nazi party and they are incapable of reform because their ideology remains the same. The violence might be better hidden, but they will never represent the best interests of the people of Britain.

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