Sunday, 27 September 2009

Week of Bluder for Dad's Army

This week the BNP seems to have really outdone itself. Leving aside the susspension of their London Assembly member, Richard Barnbrook, for lying about murders which never occured in his borough, it has been a week of catastrophy for the British Nazi Party. On Wednesday Captain Mainwaring, Nick Griffin, took part in the party’s Merseyside re-launch, which saw them confined to isolated areas away from the City centre for fear of organised opposition against them should they venture close to the city. Clearly any BNP activity in the local area is a problem, but at least MCARF are aware of which areas need the heaviest focus in countering the BNP propaganda in the months up to the election. Griffin recorded a video berating the foreign ownership of Jaguar cars and the Halewood plant, which he claims has destroyed local industry, only for the organisation to announce the next day that it is to create 800 new jobs in Merseyside. Of course the loss of manufacturing jobs in the Midlands is a terrible price, paid by workers for the new model being made on Merseyside, but Griffin’s false concern for British Workers (which involves outsourcing the production of t-shirts to Honduras, despite the North-West’s textile industries being in need of the work) seems a little misplaced.

Last night it emerged that, despite their insistence that the ‘belt and braces’ image is a thing of the past, the BNP’s candidate for the forthcoming Heath Hayes East and Wimblebury ward council by-election is in fact an open member of the National Front, a supporter of the English Defence Leage and the British Freedom Fighters. Shaun Grimsley is an unreformed neo-nazi with links to the Blood and Honour organisation who can be seen in the picture as a supporter of Screwdriver (an openly Nazi band.) On his Facebook site he left the message “Hail The British Freedom Fighters, I am a Nazi HAHAHAHAHAHA 88 red scum”. (88 of course being the neo-nazi code for ‘Heil Hitler’) Grimsley is also close to Liam Pinkham, the thug who recently pleaded guilty to threatening to burn down the Women’s co-operative bookshop, News from Nowhere, in Liverpool City Centre. Pinkham is an active member of the BFF and was arrested at the BNP’s conference in Blackpool this summer after giving Hitler salutes. In a further connection to the Merseyside BNP Grimsley’s Midlands cell regularly plays host to a BFF activist (pictured below, more details tofollow), who the Merseyside BNP branch recently invited along to their poorly thought out decision to protest against Worker’s political representation at the 2009 TUC. No matter how much the BNP’s leadership try to distance themselves from fascists it appears that their grass roots openly engage with them, especially the Merseyside branch.

This is not surprising because it appears that the leadership also cannot avoid slipping Dr Stranglove style into thier repressed Nazism. In a poor attempt to distance themselves from the street thuggery of the English Defence league, which has BNP activists throughout its ranks (Chris Renton, for example, who set up the EDL’s website) Nick Griffin and his deputy, Simon Darby, recorded an audio message about the group. Initially the pair had claimed that the group was a state conspiracy to smear the BNP. Following the Daily Stars disgusting support for the hooligan organisation, whose members parade in paramilitary style ski masks, Griffin and Darby have, however, reverted to their favoured position of outright anti-semitism. Griffin states:
“Spelling it out in simple terms – you look at the owners at the Daily Express, the Daily Star and their interests. [...] This is a Zionist false flag operation, designed to create a real clash of civilisations right here on our streets between Islam and the rest of us.”

He concludes that the aim of these “Zionist” organisations is to create a race war in Britain and to have Israel Nuke Middle Eastern Muslim countries. Here we see Griffin relaxing into his comfort zone of traditional anti-Semitism. Any doubts that lingered about the failure of the BNP to reform should be completely discarded now. Griffin has shown that he is not in touch with issues relating to the working class and that they do not support the workers with their actions. They are openly racist, openly anti-Semitic and openly fascist.


  1. YouTube user 'pino18' is Liam Pinkham.

  2. And to add to that cluster-f#@+}%% of a week

    The British Nazi Party are under tremondous fiancial strain, with Gr££in sending out his infamous begging letter again. This time he's asking for a whopping £395 from each BNP member for a life-time membership!

    We might as well just sit-back and let the BNP hit the self-destruct button themselves :)


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