Wednesday, 16 September 2009

BNP Skulk as Trade Unions try to help the poor

This Sunday saw a trickle of the BNP on the streets of Liverpool, as they tried to make their presence felt at a demonstration made by trade unionists against the policies of new labour. If they are, as they claim, a growing party why could they only attract six people? Surely at such an event they would want to make their voices heard? Their cry, as touted on their website, is that the TUC means Traitors Under Communism

How ironic that the BNP, who claim to be the party of the real British people, should choose to attack an organisation which has included the Trade Union Co-ordinating group, a coalition of eight Unions who are determined to tackle the issue of poverty, which has been ignored by the major parties. Pay freezes and public spending cuts will harm the poorest in society and especially low earners, any activity, such as that by the TUC, which seeks to find a better way, must be applauded. The BNP have proven that they are against both working class political representation and the allayment of poverty in Britain. Whilst some of us try to come up with a solution they simply add to the problem.

The TUC in Liverpool has addressed many of the issues which the country faces, including stemming the tide of racism, which the BNP seek to propagate. Gee Walker, whose son Anthony was murdered in a racist attack in Huyton, made a speech following a five minute silent vigil against racism and the BNPs election to the European parliament:

"My son and what happened to him is the result of extreme racism. I know that if
he was white he would still be alive today. When hate destroyed my son's dream,
our community in Liverpool, in the UK and indeed the world was outraged and
shocked. We were left devastated and we still are. The positives are that, at
that time, we all embraced cohesion and diversity in all its forms. It was a
time when race, religion and class and even our own football teams, Everton and
Liverpool, sat side by side comforting each other at Anthony's funeral.
Unfortunately, that was short-lived and already a lot seems to have forgotten my
Anthony already and they have resorted back to their own comfort zones."

The policies and actions of the BNP and their aligned groups the English Defence League, who contain BNP members and supporters, and the British Freedom Fighters, contributed to the atmosphere in which the brutal murder of Anthony could occur. They are currently trying to encourage violence and racial tensions in several areas of the UK through their marches and will be stopped by the British public who are begining to show outrage at these far-right extremists.

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