Monday, 31 August 2009

Local BNP links to the Online Fascist network.

Last Month the neo-conservative think tank, Centre for Social Cohesion, published a report in which they investigated the online network of BNP members and their links to more overtly fascist organisations. Despite repeated warnings from their leadership to ensure that they hide their real image, by not using racist language and by severing ties with overt fascists, it seems that the BNP cannot help but let the mask slip.

The report shows extensive links between the BNP and members of openly fascist and racist organisations. Many of the people connected to the BNP use the neo-nazi codes “14” & “88”. 14 refers to the 14 words of, American neo-nazi terrorist, David Lane; 88 is an alphabetical code and refers to HH or Heil Hitler. Page 12 of the report is particularly interesting; it introduces the account of a youtube user “PeterBNP”. This account features the postal address of the Liverpool branch of the BNP and encourages people to join, the users avatar is the BNP logo. There are local BNP promotional videos.”.

It also features videos of local BNP members Peter Tierney & Pete Molloy, (is one of these the originator of the account? one wonders) as well as a video of local BNP members having a conversation with police, which claims to be “armed harassment” from the local constabulary.
So far this account appears quite innocent, you might imagine nothing more than might be expected of a political organisation. Yet a closer look shows that this particular local member appears to have forgotten his central orders. Amongst his most recent friends are the user “Derfinalsolution88" it shows that despite the report being made public over a month ago this member is still openly associating with neo-nazis and extending his network.

Other open neo-nazis on his friends are “ArrowEagle88” and “diablo1010” who has a White Pride World-Wide logo as his avatar also on his friends list are AfricanCorpse, nfskinbitch, 14LoneWolf88, skinheadf88, StormOverEurope14, headhunter500, and SCREWDRIVER88UK.. Page three of the list shows that Liverpool BNP in particular are happy to associate with this user.

The user has an online friendship with the official BNP Liverpool Youtube Account. As with the member this account associates with many similar neo-nazi’s and racist individuals. It features many of the same videos as “PeterBNP” Including Peters Tierney and Molloy giving their propagandistic speeches to the camera.
Bizarrely for the branch account of an organisation which claims not to be racist its friends list shows several members who have the White Pride logo, and in one case the National Front logo. A quick look at the name on the list and we see “Bloodhonour7”, “headhunter 500” and “14Don88”. These are just a few of the openly racist and neo-nazi organisations which the local BNP are more than happy to list as online "friends."

The report shows the association of BNP rank and file with other neo-nazi groups on a nationwide scale. Despite the insistence of Griffin and the rest of the leadership to the contrary, BNP members continue to express racist views and are happy to be friends with people who hold Hitler in acclaim. Merseyside BNP have no qualms about their members associating with overt neo-Nazi organisations and this user account, which is used by local members to forward their viewpoints openly does so.

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  1. Edmund Standing's report (referred to above) is a sterling piece of work and shows what interesting bedfellows the BNP has. The Mersey links are ofparticular note.

    I questioned Nick Griffin during the Radio Merseyside Euro election debate over this link, which included one of the candidates (the absurdly bearded Gary Aronsson)using an avatar of the Waffen SS Totenkopf on Facebook.

    (Shameless plug -

    A lot of the Facebook accounts (and some blogs) are no longer accessible and most groups have renamed themselves e.g. Merseyside Nationalists (though it still has BNP in the address)

    This needs to be hit home time and time again. It's one situation where Godwin's Law does not come into play; these people really are Nazis and it grates that they use WW2 motifs to campaign.

    Anyway, good to see the blog and cheers for the invite.


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