Sunday, 16 August 2009

BNP festival roundup

On Saturday 15th August the BNP held its annual political intoctrination event, the Red White and BLue. They claim that this is a family fun festival, but pictures and news of events from inside show that it is anything but.

International news agency, Reuters, took these pictures of BNP members giving Nazi Salutes at approaching protesters.

They don't seem to hide their real side very well do they?

Inside, reporters were accompanied andrestricted in their movements by totalitarian security guards dressed in black boots, who aped the style of Chinese guides. Channel 4s reporter was forced to stop filming the activities of festival goers and then escorted from the site by Griffin's bodyguard. (See the linked video from 9:40 for the report.)

Earlier friend of the BNP and key ally, American White Supremicist, Preston Wiginton, banned from entering the country because of incitement to racial hatred. This did not prevent the BNP from continuing their racist activities.
The Daily Mail reported how one stall consisted of a Barack Obama effigy placed in stocks whilst punters through objects at him.

This begs the question of whether their opposition is because the president of the USA is black, or because of the BNP opposition to universal health care free at the point of contact, which the President is attempting to introduce in America.

As the video below shows, the festival was openly stewarded by the BNPs sister group of violent thugs, Combat 18.

Italian Neo-Fascist, and close associate of Nick Griffin and the BNP hierarchy, Robert Fiore attended the event.

Over 1500 protesters from all over the country made their prescence felt and blocked many BNP members from attending this neo-Nazi get together. 19 of these were arrested for offences which are thought to be moving outside the protest area, allocated by the police, and for sitting down on roads. Earlier in the day one of the UAF coaches had been attacked and its windows were smashed by violent supporters of the BNP.

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