Friday, 27 November 2009

Fascist Failure on Merseyside/ BNP Terrorist

Results from Halewood South.

Carl Robert Cross Conservative 32
Allan Harvey Labour 607
Eric Arthur McIntosh TUSP 52
Tommy Morretta Liberal Democrat 486
Andy Thompson Independent 30
Tony Ward British National Party 113

Turnout: 23.06%

Despite a very poor turnout, the BNP have managed to secure only around 8% of the vote in Halewood South yesterday and were not even in with a chance of winning the seat. Labour won the seat after the previous Lib Dem vote collapsed as voters stayed away in their droves. The BNP had plowed countless resources into the contest, distributing their "Voice of Freedom" propaganda sheet for free to most of the houses and driving around in the local lie lorry emblazzened with BNP insignia. Their effort was in vain however as Labour and the Liberal Democrats dwarfed the party in this area, which, following June's revelation that it has the lowest turnout in the country, appears to having a major crisis of political representation.

Thanks to all those who gave out leaflets which showed the BNP up for the fascists they are.

BNP Terrorist

All those who campaign against the BNP will be shocked to discover that a paid up member of the BNP yesterday admitted stockpiling explosives and guns to commit acts of terrorism. This once again reminds us that the BNP have not changed and remain covertly committed to violence, applying the veneer of democracy when it suits their ends. Terrence Gavin is not a solitary individual within the BNP and there are many previous cases of the BNP resorting to terrorism to achieve their unappealing objectives. Anti-fascists should redouble their efforts in light of this event and ensure the we Stop the BNP.

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