Thursday, 5 November 2009

BNP propagandists upset after their lies are shown up.

If you repeat the same lie enough times it becomes the truth. That was Dr Goebbels mantra as he set about his deceitful stewardship of German media in the 1930s. It seems that despite repeating a number of lies the BNP just can’t make those falsehoods stick.

In the same week that a British Jury throws out Nick Griffins latest lie, news reaches us that than a slightly older lie, which the BNP have used for propaganda purposes has also been shown to be false (Thanks BNP Merseyside blog, you make our job so much easier) . Back in March various news sources reported that a “veteran BNP activist” (lifelong racist) Tony Ward was attacked by a gang of hammer wielding thugs. The news sources including the Sun, BBC and Sky simply repeated the BNP version of events unquestioningly. The British Nazi Party made much of the case, focussing on two claims that the perpetrator was a member of UAF and also that he was black. Nick Griffin even used the case as propaganda referring to the alleged crime in his first speech in the European Parliament,where he called UAF state sponsored thugs.

The BNP faithful were quick to seize on the incident and entered various internet forums claiming they were the victims of violence and seeking to condemn all who oppose them as potential hammer attackers.

At the incident in March one man was arrested and charged for causing actual bodily harm. It appears, however, that there is not enough evidence to take this case to court and all charges have been rejected. Never ones to accept defeat, the broken records at the BNP have used the occasion to claim that there is a conspiracy against them and that the culprit is third world immigrant bent on destroying Britain. As usual the website has pumped out its propaganda claiming that there is a Liberal conspiracy against the BNP and that white people are not treated fairly in court. Merseyside British Nutters Party are currently using the removal of charges to label all who work at the Crown Prosecution Service as scum.

Isn’t it strange that they weren’t claiming that the legal system was prejudiced last week when they reported the case of a white anti-fascist, who had been convicted of a minor public order offence, when he tried to stop the fascists from using their intimidation tactics against anti-fascism? As ever the only double standards appear to be coming from the BNP. I wonder how Tony will received when he tries to woo the electorate of Halewood South. Voters love a handsome candidate.

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